Turnket Management Services

Gest-Co provides full handling of your real estate properties. Our team works closely with experienced partners in various fields, in order to provide top-notch service that will bring you peace of mind in all of these management areas:

Administrative management

  • Pre-leasing service
  • Rental service of vacant housing
  • Handling of telephone and email queries
  • Visiting the housing accommodation with potential lessees
  • Pre-leasing investigation
  • Signing of leases
  • Monitoring of new tenants
  • Customer service to tenants
  • Dealing with provincial housing authority

Financial management

  • Monthly financial reports
  • Monthly rent collection
  • Global financial management

Operations management

  • Emergency management
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Renovation project management

Gestion_a_la_carteCustomized Management Services

Gest-Co can also ensure partial handling of your real estate properties according to your specific needs. Our selection of tailor-made solutions allow you to choose the management tasks you wish to handle and assign to us those you find too restrictive, cumbersome or for which you lack expertise.

We believe it is essential for us to discuss with you in order to fully understand your needs and expectations and thus provide services tailored to your specific objectives and budget.

Housing Co-op Management Services

With Gest-Co, each housing co-op is managed so that:


  • Finances are well managed and budgets met;
  • There is no vacant housing;
  • Co-op units are well maintained;
  • The Board of Directors is supported by the promotion of good governance;
  • Statutory requirements of the co-op are met.

Gestion_cooperativeCo-ownership Syndicate Management Services

Let us manage your co-ownership syndicate, so that the Board of Directors can have both peace of mind and full control of operations. Gest-Co provides innovative solutions tailored to co-owners’ environment in order to achieve better results. A full range of services is available:

Administrative management

  • Collection and deposit of co-owners’ contributions (condo fees)
  • Tender requests and analysis
  • Compliance
  • Updating condominium records
  • Organizing, preparing and recording of annual general meeting

Financial management

  • Preparation of monthly and annual financial statements
  • Preparation of annual budgets
  • Justification of budgetary discrepancies
  • Contingency fund planning
  • Management of active funds
  • Managing accounts payable and monthly issuance of cheques to suppliers

Operational and Technical Management

  • Management of building’s technical files
  • Follow-up and monitoring contract performance
  • Planning, monitoring and supervision of sub-contracting work and contracts related to common areas

Maintenance_entretienMaintenance and Servicing

Gest-Co has its own maintenance personnel, all of which are experienced and meticulous. A well-maintained property helps to reduce the number of moves and attract a better clientele. With Gest-Co, a full range of maintenance services is provided:


  • Emergency service 24/24, 365 days/year
  • Regular maintenance
  • Preventive inspections
  • Management of major maintenance, improvement and repair work
  • Negotiation of bids
  • Management of full renovations or construction work
  • Supervision of specialized work
  • Availability of qualified personnel to carry out maintenance and repair work without delay
  • Damage repairs deemed helpful by owners
  • Owner support (research of cost-effective solutions)
  • Preventive and safe maintenance plan